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Thread: New to Wii, help identifying chip

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    New to Wii, help identifying chip

    Hey guys,
    I made the jump from 360 to Wii finally. After burning through 3-360's because of overheating..I packed up all the crap and sold it.

    So far i LOVE the Wii, the interactiveness is super cool. Since I have a heart for modding, and I did mod all my 360's, I just need some help in identifying this Wii.
    Ultimately, i really want a solderless chip because I will certainly brick this thing if I attempt to solder anything to it.

    The serial is LU59245***
    The model is RVL-001 (USA)
    So, I took some pics of the chips.

    The large chip has the numbers GC2-D1A and below that is 824P62BC
    Here is a pic

    The small chip was very hard to read but here is my best guess
    GC2-D2E and below that was 825P4001 The first 0 might be a C
    Here is a pic

    Also the DVD drive has the metal clip with a 3 stamped on it.
    Here is a pic

    any help is appreciated.

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    Hi Rodwilsonsr, Welcome to the WiiHacks community.

    According to the WiiDrives (Wii Drive Chip Database) site your Wii is D2E. So from the popular chips you have the choice of D2Pro9, Wasabi, D2Sun, D2E-A9, Wiizard. All except the D2E-A9 can be bought pre-soldered for a solderless solution.

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    yup all the chips listed above will work..we will be receiving some wiizards with updated firmware so they are more compatable on all wiis. we have used d2pro,,wasabi and d2sun and they have all worked really well...we use d2lites here for local installs and they are also very stable but dont have a proper solderless clip yet.


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