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Thread: Emulator question

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    Emulator question

    I found a great tutorial last night on how to create a channel from an existing .dol. I followed the tutorial and made a forwarder for fce Ultra GX NES emulator. My question is, how hard would it be to use this same wad or one similar to launch a default game right through the channel? It would be nice to have a channel just each of my favorite NES games so I would not have to browse through the poor menu system and find one of the hundreds of NES roms that I have.

    If this is a stupid question please feel free to point fingers and laugh at me.
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    Well not crazy at all,I dont know how to do that but you can install a wad via wad manager (hbc required)
    and install the wad here is a link to a lot of wads from nes,snes and alot check it out.
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    I was lucky enough to find mega man 2 ahh good times.
    Ohh Almost forget some wads might require you to have a certaing ios installed,maybe the newer ones,look around and search on google if anothing extra is required. here another place to get some
    links to pirated warez not allowed
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