I downloaded the homebrew app riivolution and then then followed all the rules to put your reggie made files on riivolution. When I load my wii disc, every thing looked fine, the hack was there and I set it to enabled, but when I was about to play my level (after I shows the world and how many lives you have) the screen turned black. The disc was still running but the screen was still blank and there was no music. I tryed many things to get this to work but nothing helped.

Heres the xml I used:

- <wiidisc version="1">
<id game="SMNE" />
- <options>
- <section name="Testing">
- <option name="NSMB Replacement">
- <choice name="Enabled">
<patch id="nsmbfolder" />
- <patch id="nsmbfolder">
<folder external="/NSMB" recursive="false" />
<folder external="/NSMB" disc="/" />

I changed arc files to open with reggie if that helps and I'm from Canada. Also the arc files are fine nothings wrong with them I checked.