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Thread: update my firmware help

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    update my firmware help

    i am going to update my firmware,

    i got jap wii, +mod chip.

    goign to use mario galaxy (jap) 3.0j to update firm ware is that ok ???

    please advise

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    hello i made some proggres but still need help

    hello i managed to install update of mario galaxy jap (3.0j)

    on my wii.

    I need to know if future upgrades like 3.1j or,3.2j 3.3j might block my mod chip ????????????

    please advise

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    well i think if you use it nothing will happend but why do you want to update makes wii worse by homebrew blocking maybe modchip i say you use wii wum to see the update and use wii brick blocker to block update WiiBrickBlocker - The official site
    i think that is website if not google it and well goo luck and remove the update

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    well i tryied brick remover and it didnt help

    well i tryied brick remover and it didnt helped.

    it removed the upgrade but game freezed just when i pressed play,
    after i updated to 3.0j mario galax start working.

    btw i tried now to play metroid prime )after 3.0j upgrade,
    and still freezez after i press start.

    so i want to be absulotly 100% sure,
    upgrade to 3.1j is safe for mod chip?
    and upgrade to 3.3j blocks only homebrow and ????????

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    And if you tried other games that don't asks for an update, will they work?
    Thanks everyone for the great support.
    Hope to hear from you soon, cause i'm getting ready to retire from the modding scene.
    Gonna start a new profession.

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    If your wii is connected to the internet, you can just go the Wii settings menu and update the wii from there. Also if you are interested in the Homebrew channel then install that first before updating the Wii to the latest firmware (which should be 3.3j).


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