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Thread: Mario Kart, PAL Wii and D2Pro

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    Mario Kart, PAL Wii and D2Pro

    i have just got my wii back and now its got a d2pro inside, the wii has the latest firmware too at 3.3e(europe?) and im in uk, ive aquired mario kart on disc and its a PAL region. when i put it in the wii its asking to update. so i left it and then brick blocked it and reburnt another one, i put this one in and it loads the mario kart bit in the disc menu, but when trying to play it goes black and does nothing. so now i have one which wants to update and one that doesnt do anything. i figured that as its a PAL region disc and my wii is PAL, the update wont affect my wii (brick it), but im still weary about it.

    is it okay to just let the update run ??

    or could i borrow a friends proper disc of mario kart and let that update, would this then not need mine to update ?

    any help appreciated, as you can guess im new to this and dont want to kill my wii staright after getting it.

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    Use Wiu1.1 to check if the game has been region patched to be PAL rather than being a real pal game. Also you can use wiu1.1 to remove the update fromthe iso. If the game was originally ntsc and was patched to be pal then do not update fromthe game.

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    I have a PAL wii and used a copied PAL version of mario kart. I allowed the update and it worked fine.

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    If i have a mario kart running (backup) thru gecko os, can i safely play the online part of the game or is it unsafe to do this?

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    You could try to find an .iso filo of Gecko OS or any other Wii game booters..
    but if that don't work then i think it's just to download another mario kart version..

    A friend of me have the same problem as you..

    I'm using WiiKey v1 and as i heard, that's the best wii chip before WiiKey v2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSKairo View Post
    If i have a mario kart running (backup) thru gecko os, can i safely play the online part of the game or is it unsafe to do this?
    playing online, even loading the game through gecko os is fine. just dont use any cheat codes to ruin online play


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