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Thread: Wii load-times with backup games and chip?

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    Wii load-times with backup games and chip?

    I got a modchip a few days ago and I've been playing some new games on backup disks, but man they are load slowly/a lot.

    I never really played loads of WII before, but I played mario kart a fair bit, madworld, conduit and loading times never really leaped out at me.

    Now with Zelda (every 20 seconds or so its loading) and need for speed Nitro the loading feels like its taking forever.

    Is this a side effect of the backupdisks+modchip or is it just the way WIIs work that I've never noticed before?

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    Load times are slightly reduced by some modchips and some softmod loading techniques. However the loading time should not be siginficantly increased such that you'd notice a massive difference. Most people only notice that FMV sequences are stuttered.

    The type of media you use is somewhat important in the speed that the Wii can read. I tried some DVD+RW on my Wiikey2 and noticed the speeds were a lot slower and the drive made lots of seek noises as it struggled to read in data. If you are also getting this symptom then looks towards good quality DVD-R media such as Verbatim.

    Of course you could always ditch disc loading and go USB like mostly everyone else as that offers the ultimate speed of transfer.
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    Yeah was just looking at some of the USB HDD mods, cant afford to be doing that for a while yet though and don't want to start softmodding it. Maybe when the Sundriver HD comes out.

    I'm using some verbatim DVD-R's so they should be fine, I'll play about with it some more.

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    depends on the chip, what chip are you currently using ?
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    DVD-R loading times are double that of WOD's. (3x)
    WOD loading times are 6MB/s. (6x)
    USB 1.1 is up to twice as fast as WOD's (12MB/s)
    USB 2.0 is up to ten times as fast as WOD's. (60MB/s)
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    I can tell you I had an old D2PRO8 chip for a long time, and I noticed a very slight slow down, which you soon forget about after awhile. The biggest issue I had with this chip, was random DVD read errors and it would cause problems with the GECKO usb system. Jump forward, installed a Wode, couldnt be happier.

    So I again steal from Favs and say
    Get a wode :P
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