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Thread: Rock Band 2 & cIOSCORP v3.6

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    Rock Band 2 & cIOSCORP v3.6

    I am using a softmodded Wii v4.2. I recently upgraded to cIOSCORP v3.6 and everything is running fine except for one thing, I can no longer run my Rock Band 2 disc from the system's disc channel (I need to run from there to be able to use the DLC). Other games work fine from the disc channel and I even re-burnt the same Rock Band 2 dvd and no go. Says there was an error reading the disc please eject.... Anyone have any ideas on how I can go back to using the disc channel?
    Thanks in advance.

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    The new cioscorp is called darkcorp v1.0. I have installed the lite version and am able to play all rockbands from disc channel with no problems from instruments or DLC. Search the site for it and read about it first as it is not for noobies. My cioscorp did the same thing with the disc error, because I tried to update the ios to play rockband 2 instruments. When you have ciocorp or darkcorp you can not update any ios. You have to wait for the new version of darkcorp. But Darkcorp v1.0 just came out so all the ios are updated.

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