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Thread: Canīt get burned games to work!

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    Unhappy Canīt get burned games to work!

    Iīve burnt about 20 discs now and 3 from them are working;

    Call of Duty
    Need 4 Speed Nitro
    Gameshow something something

    Super mario galaxy work a bit but i get i disc read error while playing. The same for Final Fantasy Chrystal Bearer. The other game my Wii is unable to read or i get an error telling me i have to eject disc and restart and look in manual bla bla.

    Iīve used 2 different burners, TDK dvd-r discs and thought it was a media problem so i bought JVC Tayden Yuken Archive Grade and Premium grade (or what they are called) and burned Super Mario galaxy on 2 different burners on the slowest speed (on the 1st 8x and on the 2nd 4x) but my Wii is unable to read the disc.

    Originals works fine and those three burned games. I have 4.2 and Drivekey v1.0 and are able to enter the Drivekey menu.

    Is there something wrong with my reader or does my burners suck? They are Samsung TSSTCorp s223L and LG GSA 4120B

    Please help, iīve read forums and tried for over 2 months now... i would be so grateful i anyone could help me...

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    Btw, iīve used imgburn, alcohol 120%, Infrarecorder and clonedvd.

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    Well my burner is the Samsung TSSTCorp and it works fine for me. I use alcohol 120% as well. The only thing I do differently than some is I reboot my pc before burning to refresh my system memory, then open task manager to stop all unnecessary tasks.

    Dvd-r disks at 4x burning speed.
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    Thanks, I will try that.

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    Darnit! It doesnīt work! Seems like the:
    "JVC DVD-R Taiyo Yuden Archive Grade Branded 16x 4,7GB 25 p
    JVC media are exclusively produced in Japan and come from the only Taiyo Yuden factory. This ensures 100% repeatability, the best quality and compatibility of these products.
    Currently TY media are only offered under the JVC brand. These discs are for those who prefer extra quality.
    Gold Lacquer surface
    Media code: TYG03"
    work even less than my regular cheap TDK. Cause with the Taiyo Yuden the Wii is unable to find the disc after iīve burned 7 copies of Super Mario Galaxy. I burned SMG before on a TDK and after 5-6 tries it works, but unable to read occurs while playing.

    Is there something wrong with my Wii?

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    Iīve run Opti Drive Control test on 2 discs, both Taiyo Yuden Archival Grade.

    This is normal data burned on 16x:

    This is Super Mario Galaxy burned on 4x:

    HOW COME!?

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    Apparently my burners suck at burning in slow speed. I burned Final Fantasy 10X and Super Mario Kart in 12X, Worked like a charm!

    People whom are having trouble with media try Opti Drive Control to test your discs, and experiment with different speeds. The only other thing I did different this time was to use the "pad data tracks" option in InfraRecorder.

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    ... just to add to my finding the speed 10.5x works the best for me.

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