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Thread: Softmod screen problem

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    Softmod screen problem

    I am running firmware version 4.2E and recently softmodded according to the 4.2 guide posted on this site.

    Now I'm not saying it doesn't work - I am very happy with the mod. My problem is with the weird screen issues.

    Whenever I boot the Wii (particularly from standby), the screen goes crazy for a sec (sorta like the effect you get when vid recording CRT monitors..). After this, the Wii loads normally.
    Also, whenever I load USB Loader GX, it displays a message that it did not find ios236 and is using 36 instead (which I believe is quite common), but then when the "searching for slow usb device.." things comes up, and the countdown begins, half the screen flickers between normal and green - really weird..
    Finally, Neogamma runs fine until I quit it, when the whole screen goes crazy with color for a sec, before returning to normal into the main menu.

    These are just three I've noticed so far.. It seems obvious these issues are related, and I believe - to some problematic ios, or something...

    Anyone else experienced this? Any potential solution? I want to ignore it since it's not affecting functionality, however, it's building up doubt inside me that something is wrong.


    PS: Would be great if no one replies "did you correctly follow the guide".. ; )

    EDIT: btw, the Wii is connected to a 42in LCD (1280x720)
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    Most of what you are describing sounds like the television's response to when the video signal is briefly interrupted. I could be wrong, but this is only happening while certain certain applications are loading and exiting. At that time the video signal as well as the bluetooth signal are momentarily interrupted and you could confirm this by trying a different tv.
    The usb countdown usually happens when the device is plugged into the wrong usb port.
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    Is your usb device compatable?

    I know that when the drive isnt switched on this sceen comes up and I have had the same issue.

    With the usb loader try updating through the loader itself and this should get rid of the ios not found message.

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    may be the tv was set to automatic at "color systems". try to set as PAL.

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    I have similar problem when I load usb loader gx lower part of the screen flickers for a second,and than it's normal again.That's when I use it as channel,when launching from HBC I get like corrupted graphics (pink and green dots/lines) in the upper screen coner.Again this is only when launching usb loader,games play ok from 8 GB USB thumdrive.Wii is conncted to an old CRT TV...I have a LCD too,but since my daughter flies arround with remote while playing I am afraid she might make a hole in it .I was thinking maybe the old TV was the problem?
    I understand this might really not bee an issue but still I wonder if anyone have similar situation?


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