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Thread: Will Wii ever have Actionscript 3?

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    Will Wii ever have Actionscript 3?

    I find it very disappointing that the version of Flash is 8 (or a very light version of 9). It completely ignores the new coding language in Flash, AS3. As most people, including myself, have moved on from AS2 to AS3 for modern operating systems I find it very difficult to try to go backwards from AS3 to AS2. For anybody that possibly has coded in Actionscript may understand what I mean.

    So I did a little reading, and from what I've gathered is that the Wii wouldn't be able to handle the intense resource requirements for AS3, which is quite understandable. I've had many of games not work correctly due to lag on a half decent system. However, I figure it should be possible to implement a light version of Flash 9 that incorporates Actionscript 3.

    So what are your thoughts, will the Wii ever have AS3 support?

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    Well, it depends on:
    1. if Opera decides to update the Wii browser
    2. Ninty lets the update through


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