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Thread: loading nand from SD

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    loading nand from SD

    I have a new wii and I would like to play games from an external hard drive and I will not go online. I just want to make 100% sure this one will not brick.

    I just need to know a few things:

    1. I can't install bootmii as boot2 because it is a recent wii, I can only install as IOS and I don't see the goal of it. I heard from a guy that the nand can be loaded from a SD card, is it possible ? This would not modify the nand of the wii so no chance of bricking your wii, right ?

    2. Can someone here tell me the few steps to do to safely play games from the hard drive without bricking the wii. I'm not looking for a "how to" just the guidelines.


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    You should follow one of the softmod guides - LOOK HERE. These guides were written so just about anybody can softmod their Wii without bricking it, follow the guide step by step and you will be safe. You need to know what firmware your Wii is, so you can follow the correct guide.

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    I understand this is annoying when people ask question before searching but it is not my case. I have already read some of these guides but I need to make sure I'm doing the things.

    Obviously, I will use the guide: New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii
    then for what I want to do : Triiforce MRC user guide

    But I need to know if there is steps to do between these guides.

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    No when your finished with the guide 3.1-4.1 guide you ll have the nand back up needed for triiforce(the step2 of the guide)........make a copy of the nand back up so you have one for triiforce the other for safe keeping...........

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    Yes but in that guide, I'm not sure if they consider that I will load the nand from my SD. I'm talking about step 3. I don't want to modify the nand of the wii.
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    I have now made a dump of my nand but I need to know what step is next.
    Go directly to triiforce guide or continue with the softmod guide for 3.1 to 4.1 ?
    Do I need the preloader to do what I want.

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    Why would you stop in the middle of doing a guide to do something else? You need to complete the softmod guide as you were previously instructed. Make any sense to you?
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    Because the next step is to load the Ios36 and the downgrade Ios15. But it will be done on the wii and I want it, but on the SD passing by the triiforce. I'm just asking if this step is necessary or it can be done on the WiiWare emulated that is on a SD. There must be something I don't understand or I did not explain earlier...

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    Simply put if you want to emulate a nand you require a nand backup. You will not be able to take an existing nand backup and apply 'fixes' or other such things to it. You can only apply it to the actual nand. Simple solution is to take a copy of your current nand then apply your fixes (the downgrading and stuff) and then take another backup. This one you use for your triforce and the original nand can then be restored. Not sure in reality if this is correct I'll have to do more research to backup what I've written.


    **note** I've read though the triforce guide and it only advises of the dump of the nand. There is no way of applying fixes to the nand itself as per this comment on playing and installing the games in wad format.

    Quote Originally Posted by triforce guide
    Next, we need to convert games into a format usable by the emulated NAND. For this, we will use the program ShowMiiWads.
    This would indicate your putting them into a usable rather than installable format. Let me know if you can show otherwise. More than happy to get it right.
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    Thank you very much for the info. So I will have to softmod it completely and do another backup to use this softmodded nand as emulator ?

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