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Thread: help with usb loaders

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    Unhappy help with usb loaders

    argh, i cant get any of the loaders to work -

    i have tried usb loader gx, wiiflow, and config usb loader.

    formatted hdd with wbfs manager and added games.

    all 3 loaders see my games and everything, but when i try to actually play games I GET either black screen or just hangs.

    i am running on 3.4 and loaded the cios file etc...

    what am i doing wrong??????

    please help and dont beat me up!

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    Is your wbfs partition primary and active?

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    Which games? What version is your Wii?
    Do you have IOS 53, 55 , 56 installed?

    Please note that games WSR, NSMB, RS2 and a few others do require special attention.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    so far i have tried dead space, twilight princess, as well as ripped lego batman from disk. i have a 3.4 ntsc. i am pretty sure i do have those ios loaded but will double check again with a syscheck and post my results later. thanks!

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    maybe thats my problem... can you tell me how to make it primary, i did make a partition not sure to as which order they are in. i will start over and reformat the whole thing. how should i pt it first and active. thanks so much!!! i found a decent thread -wiiflow help - Digital World Cable Satellite Console Forum
    i will try to follow.
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    success, reformatted the drive with a single wbfs partition and works great with gx and wiiflow. still need to part a second fat32 drive for storage (should i just choose the next available drive letter?
    big thanks!!!!

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