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Thread: One of the best Photoshop tutorials I've seen. <Large Pic>

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    One of the best Photoshop tutorials I've seen. <Large Pic>

    I take NO credit for this. NONE. It was posted over on PlanetRenders, and I figured it would help some of the GFX enthusiasts over here heaps.

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    WOW and very nice indeed.

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    Very Very Nice.....

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    thats a good tutorial mate cheers

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    I def want to learn some of this stuff and a bit of coding etc etc. I am currently in a flash class now and its fun. Its based
    around cs4, but I have cs5 so I'm working with the newer version. Everything is pretty much the same between the two, except maybe
    a few new additions here and there in cs5. Looks great. Thanks for the post man.

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    great tut thanks just fineshed reading it going to give it a shot
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature


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