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Thread: Can you play Rock Band and GH games (on a softmod) without a microphone atttached?

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    Can you play Rock Band and GH games (on a softmod) without a microphone atttached?

    I have a softmodded Wii and am running games of a USB harddrive. I don't own a logitech microphone and my question is.
    Is it possible to play Guitar Hero games <5 and Rock Band games (inc. The Beatles) without a microphone attached?

    If not, then it's an easy fix. I just need to get a microphone.

    I have no problem playing Guitar hero 5 without a microphone, but the other GH games and Rock Band games keeps asking me to attach a microphone. I can get into the main menu, calibrate my guitar and everything, but as soon as I want to play, I'm asked to connect the microphone.

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    Thumbs up Connect the Guitar before you reach the main menu

    I finally managed to figure this out. Someone on another forum pointed out, that you need to connect your guitar before the game reaches the main menu.

    This is not always as straight forward as it sounds, and I actually thought I always had done that. But if you use a USB loader, then the guitar is likely to disconnect after you have launched the game. You need to keep pressing A on the Wiimote in the guitar controller to force it to connect as soon as the game is running. Otherwise it won't be detected.

    I'm sure this will help a lot of people, and save them a lot of money, since buying a microphone won't solve the issue. I actually read somewhere on this forum of a member having bought three different microphones to no avail.

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