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Thread: im new here i jus need a lil help in the right direction

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    Us im new here i jus need a lil help in the right direction

    ok im new here and to wii homebrewing but i do somewhat know what im doin i was just wondering if there is a tutorial/walk-thru /guide that will tell me what i should be downloadin for my wii im using 4.2u i all ready got some of the thing im just lookin for a easy straight to the point tutorial/walk-thru /guide ect.. and i just wanna know what the best place to find game/apps or what ever they are called so thanx in advance for the help or at least a point in the right directon

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    Hey Callie

    Welcome to the homebrew scene

    As to a website for getting homebrew games/apps, my favourite site would have to be
    List of homebrew applications - WiiBrew
    They have heaps of homebrew apps and games.

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    All I will say is that you've wasted more time creating this thread then you would have looking at the tutorials section which can be accessed from the link in my sig.


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