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Thread: The homebrew channel went blank

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    Question The homebrew channel went blank

    i was on the process of softmoding my wii, i was following the steps on the Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii! thread ( but after i completed Step 6 - "Install and Patch A Few More IOS" i went back to the homebrew channel and it no longer had any of the applications it came with, now its empty and the only thing you can use it for is to pop the little bubbles thats about it. What did i do wrong?? how can i fix this??
    please help!!!
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    Was your SD card still inserted?

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    yess.. was it not suppose to be there?

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    for some reason when I did a friends wii my sd went blank. by blank i mean every thing on it was deleted and I used this same guide. but no biggie I just downloaded the software again.
    I dont like that guide "sorry just being honest" I like messie guide better. but I had trouble getting ios249 to be deleted.
    I would format the sd card and copy the software back to it.
    I would stop and go to messie guide and start at part D
    I see no reason for part 6 in his guide.

    And sorry again to guy who wrote the guide, I'm not tring to bash you or any thing. I did use part 3 1 time to get ios249 install but I went right back to messies's guide. So thanks for that.


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    well my SD didnt go blank.. it was the Homebrew channel that went blank. and i doubt i will be able to continue from part D on messie's guide because i dont have the NeoGamma r7 application.. i dont have any apps

    BTW i also like messie's guide better too its easier to keep up with but i just went with this one because i thought it might be more legit irony

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    This Sub-Forum area is to report Forum issues and bugs, not for asking about softmodding problems. bmarlo-you should know better than to have continued this thread-you should have reported the site violation rather than contribute to this. Thread closed and Reading Room sentences to be issued.

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