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Thread: How to put on an xbox 1 emulator?

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    Cool Space for xbox 1 games needed?

    Hello everyone. I made a thread not too long ago about having to have a hardrive to play xbox 1 games and there was a mention that you had to have a microsoft update on your hardrive (external for me). I was wondering:
    1) Does anything else have to be installed onto the hdd ie. to play xbox 1 games (specifuacally for each game)
    2) What is the minimum amount of space on your hardrive necessary to play xbox 1 games? (does each xbox 1 game have to install onto hdd or just the save file)

    I checked stickies but there was no real tutorial for playing xbox 1 games. I have a flashed light on drive with ixtreme 1.61. Also I will have to buy an external hardrive, so I will have to put the update on the external 360 hardrive.

    Thanks guys.
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    The only way to play am xbox 1 backup is with a jtagged console. With or without hdd. Original games will play off disc with an update form MS.
    We had discussed this in your previous post where I tried something I had stumbled across on the web and it failed. This is the only way now that I can find. But if any1 else knows something different........?

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    numa if u are jtagged why dont u find the hacked xbox1 emulator and just ftp to the 360 with fsd/xexloader
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