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Thread: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing - from USD Loader

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    Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing - from USD Loader

    I'm succesfully running USB Loader GX for many different games. Recently installed "All Stars Racing" and it worked fine. However now when I start this particular game the Wii dumps (black screen with dump code)....

    We did do an update of covers in between, but I am not positive that there is a link....

    I tried removing the game from the HD, plus from Wii - re-loaded from the original, but it still dumps immediately when you select this game (don't get the settings option even). The whole setup works fine still for all other games....

    Anybody and ideas?

    thanks in adance

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    Try this.....if you have it delete the cover for the game and also delete the usb config file found in the config folder on your sd

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    Thank Cile - excellent, fixed it in 2 minutes. If you know where to look.. It was in fact the file it had downloaded for the disc image (images\cd), which seemed to be a generic "none" picture. I restored the cover image and it works fine again. Thanks for the tip!

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