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Thread: my modded wii

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    my modded wii

    i had my wii chipped in china over 2 years ago now, and since moving house has been gathering dust.
    managed to hook it up at the weekend, but have a couple of questions. my current version is 3.1E, is this well out of date? what firmware is safe to run now? I cabt actually remember wat chip was installed, could it be d2c? is there an easy was to check?

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    Latest is 4.2, recommended is 4.1 though.

    Best way to check is open Wii and have a look, possibly cross ref against wii serial number database.
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    ok i have now taken my wii apart after following the guide on this site. and it appears i have d2ckey fitted.
    im currently on 3.1E as per my original post. what are the best steps for me to take now?

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    Can anyone pls shed some light on what stage my wii should be at now?

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    What is it you are trying to do? have you had issues with playing games?
    Have you looked for a more current firmware revision for the chip?
    You could get a copy of the NSMB and use it to do a disk update that will take you to 4.1, If you wish to stay away from softmodding.
    If you wanna try softmodding go to the guides section and look for the 3.1-4.1 softmod guide.
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    That rather depends what you want from it.
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    `just want to be able to play the latest games. backups that i burn to disc. But to be honest guys im a bit confused by all this now, the wii modding scene seems to have moved along way since i first had wii chipped. Is there a difference between softmodding, and fitting a chip like i have fitted? is this hardmodding? is it possible to softmod a chipped wii? is it worth it? what benefits will i see?

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    A softmod is a software modification. a Hardmod is a Hardware modification ( a mod chip like you have).

    Yes you can softmod a hardmodded wii with no problems. They work well together.

    If you just want to stick with using your modchip, look for a firmware revision/update for your mod chip. If you want to softmod your wii you can follow a guide on this site. (dogeggs softmod any 3.1-4.1 wii).
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    Quote Originally Posted by daveleach View Post
    is it possible to softmod a chipped wii? is it worth it? what benefits will i see?
    With softmod you can use homebrew applications like USB loader. Check this vid: YouTube - Configurable USB Loader v39
    With homebrew applications like mplayer or geexbox you can use your wii for media center connected to your tv, and watch .avi videos etc etc. for example you can watch movies. There are games and emulators, you could play old snes games etc. Also with wad manager you can install wiiware and virtual console games downloaded from web.

    If you just want to play wii games using disc then you don't need softmod. Although you might want to have priiloader to prevent wii to update from discs (you could also patch every single iso you use, but this would be easier)
    Also if you happen to have older wii and you are able to install bootmii as boot2, you would have almost "immortal" wii. You could recover from almost anything that happens to your wii, for example bricks caused by using out of region discs. (there are other ways to recover from brick but they're not as easy.)

    I'd recommend to softmod, but if you just want to play and don't want to be confused (it's not that confusing, but at first everything might seem hard.), just go ahead and use hardmod =)


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