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Thread: Does the drive you burn backups with matter? (just got a modchip!)

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    Does the drive you burn backups with matter? (just got a modchip!)

    Hey folks, just got and installed a drivekey modchip today and its been giving me a lot of issues.

    Tried burning on the DVD+R I had, and got an error on the disk, tried another ROM and got the same, played with the book-type and couldn't get it to do anything.

    So I got some DVD-R's and I've burnt 3 ROMS on another drive and one of them works.

    These are all PAL ROMs on a PAL WII 4.2.

    I'm using imgburn at 2 speed for all burns, is there anything else I can do to get it working? Or save on the amount of coaster-disks (up to 7 now with 1 working!).

    The DVD-Rs are signalex cheap ones from a pound shop, but if it works once then surely it cant be the disks?

    Cheers for any and all help

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    i would try a different burn speed...6x worked for me

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    Get verbatim dvd-r discs and burn at a slow speed like 2-4x. The drive you burn on shouldn't really matter as long as it works. Use IMGburn (free program) and if one game gives you constant problems then it could be a bad download or a problematic game that needs extra work like nsmb or GH5.

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    Thats for the pointers, went out and picked up 100 Verbatim DVD-R's

    Still had a few coasters but much more are working now, if disks are failing to burn at 4X (which seems to be the slowest my drive will do, with 1x selected or 2x selected it still burns at 4x) is it worth trying to burn them with 6x/8x again or am I better off just ditching the ISO file?

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    What game is it? Some games have their own issues. If it's a game without known issues then it could be a bad download or other common problems. What error do you get exactly or what does it do when you load?

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    Well if I discount the +R DVDs for being +'s..
    -New super mario brothers (which apparently needs something doing to it which I'll look into tomorrow)
    -Super Smash brothers (My ISO is 4.6gig, but now I'm reading its needs a dual layer disk and should be 8.4gig... again I'll look into that tomorrow)
    -No more heroes 2 - this one is apparently 'fixed to pal'? So i'm wondering if that's the problem.
    -Need for speed carbon - no clue why this isn't working.
    -Zelda twlight princess, found another ISO and that one worked fine.

    All the errors are the same, get a black screen saying an error has occurred reading the disk and to switch it off and on again.

    So really, taking aside using the wrong disks and trying to burn games with specific issues (I'll search each game and check now!) I'm not doing to badly

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    Sounds like you've been searching which is good to hear. nsmb and ssb takes extra work, your no more heroes 2 "fixed to pal" makes me think it's a bad download (get another one from your wii's region), NFS Carbon- Make sure you have the IOS the game needs. Click the ios link in my signature for that and find the list in the guide by Tealc on which ios games need to run, and you already figured Zelda out. Nice to have someone actually search and speculate on why they might be having problems.

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    the burner can matter, the media can matter and the burn speed can matter.
    recommended: pioneer 111 burner, verbatim dvd-r media made in japan,singapore or taiwan, burn at 4x
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