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Thread: Band Hero / GH5 Instrument issue, maybe just me..

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    Question Band Hero / GH5 Instrument issue, maybe just me..

    I recently was able to get a backup of Band Hero and GH5 running, with my Rock Band 2 instruments. It seems like, and this might be just me, my Stratocaster guitar that came with RB2 is a bit sluggish in hitting notes. I'm not sure if this is just a difference in gameplay and something I'll have to get used to, or the fact that I'm using a RB2 guitar with GH games, or the fact that I'm playing with backups. I know the batteries are fine in the guitar. I also did calibrate the game, which didn't seem to need any changes. I'm launching the games with Softkey r99 IOS 232, using IOS37 as 232.

    Now that I think about it, it is a PAL backup playing on a NTSC wii. Softkey does a great job of forcing NTSC, and the video looks fine, but does the difference in format introduce some kind of odd audio/video lag that Softkey doesn't compensate for?

    Thanks for all the help!

    I also wanted to add that RB2 for the Wii is the first game of this type I've ever played, which is why I ask if it's just a difference in gameplay.
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    Just in case anyone runs into this issue, the Rock Band 2 Stratocaster is not compatible with the guitar hero games. The Rock Band website has a compatibility list. I was able to pick up a used GH2 Les Paul guitar for cheap, and everything is working great. Oddly enough, the GH2 guitar is compatible with RB2. Also, I want to recommend that everyone with kids get a USB drive to run games from. It's 100x easier, you can save settings for games (i.e. what ISO to use, force NTSC or PAL), and the GUI that Configurable USB loader uses is perfect once you get the cover art in there. I no longer have to sit there and load up games for the kids every time.

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