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Thread: Hi Newbie to wii- 2nd hand wii- how 2 check what cip in it

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    Thumbs up Hi Newbie to wii- 2nd hand wii- how 2 check what cip in it

    firstly thanks for any imput and help you may give!

    i work away and my wife has bought a 2nd hand wii -

    she was updating it online and i told her to stop -until I find out what type of chip it is ie softmod or hard chip

    Q - how will i find out whether hard or soft chipped?

    Q - is it safe to update the wii online through wifi

    once I have info on how to decern what mod its had I can go through forums to find tutorials

    Thanks again


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    Do you have homebrew channel? If so, run Syscheck sysCheck - WiiBrew, it'll output a file on SD when complete.

    Do backup discs run in disc channel? There are two ways backups can run in disc channel, cIOSCORP (softmod) and Modchip (hardmod)

    Are there channels such as Neogamma installed?

    Open the case if there is no Homebrew installed, and use the chip to visibly recognise the chip you have installed. It may have identification on nthe chip itself. You should either see a small PCB slaved between two white ribbon cables, a rubber clip with PCB attached or a PCB diy wired to several points on the Wii drive PCB.

    And it's not safe to update Wii online, it will give you 4.2 which renders your chip (if you have one) unable to play foreign discs, which could be an issue.
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