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Thread: problem with wad manager

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    problem with wad manager

    i recently soft modded my chipped wii to use the usb loader
    all went well once i had several failed attempts
    now my mate wants his wii doing. his is unchipped
    ive done part 1 ok installed homebrew and backed up the nand
    now im on part 2 were wad manager starts
    i get as far as selecting what ios to use. then i cant go any further . all the blue lights on the bottom of the controller flash (ie the controller numbers ) and then i have to unplug and try again
    its strange any ideas?

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    ok so at the start up of wad manager i can select ios 36 and go as far as selecting sd card then uninstall 249 . but i get errors so its not 36
    i think on mine it was 250. but when i select anything other than 36 i get all the flashing lights


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