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Thread: What modchip should i get?

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    Ca What modchip should i get?

    Hey, i was wondering what modchip i should buy, because i have recently become interested in modding my wii. My serial number is LU300638248 and i bought it on release. Thanks!

    Side note: If possible i would like a solder less chip, as i have no soldering experiences. Thanks again!

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    solderless d2sun is you best option.

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    Okay, anymore input from anyone? Also would you people recommend Canadamods for the best place to purchase modchips, and tools alike?

    Im more worried about quality than price, but if the D2sun is the best there i can install without soldering it will do.

    Ah, cool. Thanks for the help, i will also require tools for opening the wii, so i think i should go with Canada mods. Unless mad-mods sells tools, or another place with competitive prices that are reliable.

    Do i need a cross screwdriver?

    and those 3 screws are your normal everyday screws?
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    yes, regular screws

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    I recommend the D2PRO9 solderless option over the d2sun if you want top quality. We also offer free shipping so make sure you take it into account for your total.

    Our cross screwdrivers are the perfect fit for the small screws and allows you to take them out without scratching it up. Our triwings are also an inbetween size so that it fits perfect for the black screws and silver screws.

    Best price isnt everything either, there is far more to look at than just price.
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    Are the D2sun and the D2pro9 the same to install?

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    in a word.


    and check Spymans videos that are linked in his signature

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    Ok, thanks for the help.


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