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Thread: Week 4 Question

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    Week 4 Question

    This is your chance to answer a question on the Wii which will be posted each week.

    Post your answer here, the answers will be judged by our 'Senior Moderators' Dogeggs and Tealc.
    The person with the nearest answer to the definitive one, will be recognised in a weekly answer post.
    Answers should include any research required, links to software required, and most importantly not be too verbose.

    Post answers only here, this is not a forum to ask questions, or to have discussions, any posts not conforming will be deleted

    I hope you enjoy the challenge and maybe learn something from our revered judges.

    Original idea, Gen3sf
    Judges, Dogeggs and Tealc
    Questions by WiiJohn and s0ur.

    ================================================== =====================

    Question of the week 4

    What would you do in the event of "no hacks.ini found" and how do you resolve the issue.
    Also how would you go about making your own hacks.ini as opposed to already having it from a mod pack.

    Last submissions are to be posted on Sat. April 10th, new question to be posted Mon. April 12th.
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    I would go to this site - Preloader/hacks - WiiBrew and download the hacks ini for my version.
    Once obtained I would place it on the root of my sd card and then access priiloader.
    I wouldn't know how to make my own per say but I did copy and paste the text from a website into word pad to create my first.

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    Hacks.ini is a pre/priiloader system menu hacks file.You can get one for your system menu version here: Preloader/hacks - WiiBrew. You must put "Hacks.ini" on your sd card root. (If you use Mac OS/Linux and copied/pasted from internetyou must set the linebreaks to DOS. BBedit can do this.)

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    So Preloader/Priiloader is giving you a "no hacks.ini" error

    Makes sure that the Hacks.ini file is for you menu version and in the root of your SD card. Makes sure that you are using a good 2gb SD card and not a Micro SD w/adapter or SDHC. Preloader/prriloader can be picky about what cards it wants to read and 2gb SD cards are proven to be more reliable.

    Put your SD card in your wii. Run priiloader by holding the reset button while powering on your Wii and click on System Menu Hacks and choose the hacks you want by pressing A then save your settings.

    But I don't have a Hacks.ini

    Then you will have to make one.

    1. Go to this website. Preloader/hacks-WiiBrew

    2. In the table of contents you will see this.

    # 3 Systemmenu 4.2
    * 3.1 USA 4.2
    * 3.2 EUR 4.2
    * 3.3 JAP 4.2
    * 3.4 KOR 4.2

    # 4 Systemmenu 4.1
    * 4.1 JPN 4.1
    * 4.2 USA 4.1
    * 4.3 EUR 4.1

    # 5 Systemmenu 4.0
    * 5.1 USA 4.0
    * 5.2 EUR 4.0

    # 6 Systemmenu 3.2
    * 6.1 USA 3.2
    * 6.2 EUR 3.2

    Click on your system menu version and you will be directed to the proper section.

    3. You will see your system menu version and below it the hacks.ini text outlined by a dotted blue line. Highlight and copy all the outlined text in notepad. Save it as Hacks.ini. Make sure it is named Hacks.ini and not Hacks.ini.ini or Hacks.ini.txt because windows hid the file extension from you.

    4. Place it in the root directory of your SD card.

    5. Put your SD card in your wii. Run preloader/priiloader by holding the reset button while powering on your Wii and click on System Menu Hacks and choose the hacks you want by pressing A then save your settings.

    NOTE: For those using preloader. If you are using a Mac or Linux, you will probably have the wrong kind of linebreaks if you just copy this list into a hacks.ini. Preloader needs dos-type linebreaks, so you have to use a tool like unix2dos to change the linebreak format or use priiloader.
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    Note: Don't forget that some people make the mistake of naming their files 'hacks.ini.txt' because Windows hides the file extension by default.

    Just saying.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Now making userbars for all winners...Just sayin'

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    The hiding of extensions by a Windows setting usually has them naming the file hacks.ini.ini. This was one of the first fixes that Dogeggs had to address after posting the 3.1-4.1 softmod tutorial.

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    Actually, you have to save it as a .ini by in the drop-down box, when you save in Notepad, you have to select "all files" and then name the file at the top blahblahblah.blah, so it's not a .blah.txt file.

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    But a lot of people don't understand about file names and file extensions, I'm a PC tech and I deal with the public a lot and believe me most do not have a clue.

    A file name has two parts, the name and then the extension, this is separated by a dot.


    sample: hacks.ini

    The extension denotes the type of file it is, the file name is more to help you understand the files contents.

    Microsoft in their blind wisdom hide the extension part of the name by default, so most people are ignorant of the extension part of the name. People automatically type hacks.ini because as said before MS have the extension part of the name hidden, unbeknown to them all they are doing to creating the name part of the file, when the file is saved what they actually have is hacks.ini.ini

    Just sayin
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    The thing is, is that we are saving with NOTEPAD here. If you know a little about Notepad, it defaults to saving as a .txt file, but you can select it to save your own .extension with this drop-down box, and typing in the extension you want in the name of your file.


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