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Thread: External Hard Drive Pata?????

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    External Hard Drive Pata?????

    Hi Guys
    I have just used the threads in this forum to add HBC with usb loader gx to my wii v4.2e with D3-2 drive, i know i can't use disc's (backups) so have soft modded, have installed browser on HBC also back upped wii nand. all working fine. Just need to sort out a hard drive for the usb loader.....

    I have 4 Pata hard drives kicking around, was thinking about using a external box with built in converter to USB, i can get these off eBay for about a 10, after formating and arranging can anyone see a problem using these, haven't got much money to go and buy all singing all dancing external.

    your views would be very useful.

    Cheers in advance

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    A friend of mine had a spare sata drive kicking around when we modded his wii and i got him an enclosure off ebay - and that worked ok.
    His was an old 250GB WD.
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