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Thread: PLEASE HELP: NeoGamma Region Issue (I think)

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    PLEASE HELP: NeoGamma Region Issue (I think)

    So I recently softmodded my Wii using the 4.2 instructions and everything worked fine. I tested it out with a GC game, and it was black and white. I found out that I had download a PAL version, so I messed with the GC Backup Loader region settings and solved my problem.

    When I tried to run a PAL version of a backup Wii Game with NeoGamma (PAL is far more common for downloads), the same black and white problem was still there, except this time the screen was scrolling. I tried a lot of different region options: NTSC480p, NTSC480i, Wii, Disc, and I either got a green screen with nothing or a black and white and scrolling screen. I've tried patching the ISO, and that didn't really seem to help

    Please HELP!

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    you need to install mIOS in order to play backed up GC games, have you done this?

    As far as the wii game, I assume your on an NTSC console? you need to force the region to NTSC in the loader settings for the PAL game to display correctly. Try using an updated version of NeoGamma, not sure which version your running.
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    Thanks for replying.

    First question: I have installed the mIOS and the GC backups work fine.

    Second: Yes, it is NTSC, and what do you mean by "the loader settings for the PAL games." If you mean the region settings for NeoGamma, I've already tried messing with those with no dice.

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