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Thread: Wiikey1 with Wii ver. 3.2u - been out of the loop

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    Wiikey1 with Wii ver. 3.2u - been out of the loop

    So I've been out of the loop for quite some time, I haven't been really paying attention the past 1.5 - 2 years. I have a 3.2u system with a wiikey1. I can't access certain channels like the shop channel without updating but I know I need to check to see what's safe before I do anything.

    Is there anything else that's new for the Wiikey1 that I could be looking into?

    What's the best place to look to catch up?


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    You might not wanna do that update, it will put your wii on system menu 4.2 and kill your modchip's out of region capabilities. If you really need any VC/WiiWare, just softmod your wii and then you can just install it on your wii instead. It also has it benefits. You can also install IOS, which is what games require to play, without updating your wii. You can also check and see if you have the latest config disc installed onto your wiikey 1.
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