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Thread: where to download the latest USB Loader GX

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    where to download the latest USB Loader GX

    as title ~

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    Have you tried to google usb loader GX, it works for me.

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    not shure which one is stable for the moment~

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    r815 and r874 the rest work but they are beta releases

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    SoftMod Essentials:- CFG USB Loader FAT32 --- Wii Game Manager

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    Red face

    thx mate, tons of information there ~

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    thank you for the information

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    here is a link you can check out, it has usb loader gx among other things: Downloads (USB Loader GX)
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    Heres the google page which they update with each release. Downloads - usbloader-gui - Project Hosting on Google Code

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    I'm currently on USB Loader GX rev921 which is compatible with Hermes' cIOS 222 v4 and v5. I've had no problems so far with this revision and all games are working perfectly. If you don't know how to upgrade your version with the rxxx.dol file this information will help.

    ***Update USB Loader GX*** To do this you will have to choose one or both of the following methods: (1) Update USB Loader GX On SD Card or (2) Update USB Loader GX Channel. (note: for some unknown reason, trying to update USB Loader via the update button located in the settings does not work and the program always says no updates found. At least this was the case with mine )

    (1) Update USB Loader GX On SD Card (update .dol file) To do this download the revision you want here and copy it to the USB Loader GX folder found in the /apps directory on your SD card. Now delete the existing boot.dol file and rename the rXXX.dol file you just downloaded to boot.dol. Now load USB Loader GX from homebrew and the revision will be installed correctly.

    (2) Update USB Loader GX Channel - First delete the existing USB Loader GX Channel if you have one installed. (I'm not going to get in to how to do this... if you don't know how to delete existing channels on the Wii just go to the Wii settings and figure it out.) Now that the channel is deleted, go to your PC and download the rXXX.wad and put it in the wad folder on your sd card. Now run wad manager 1.5 on your Wii and choose to install the wad you just put in the wad folder. Let the installation finish and go back to the wii menu by hitting the home button. You will now see the new USB Loader GX channel with the new revision on the main menu.

    If I've helped you, please hit my thanks button and I'll be happy to help again.
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