Running 4.2U

used the following guide;
4.2 Softmod Guide | larrylje

came reccomended from a co-worker with the same wii version, followed directions exactly to the T, and then used

WBFS Manager 3.01 and USBLoaderGX 1.0

I have about 17 games on the H.D.D. that i know for a fact work perfectly fine. (used on another 4.2U Wii that used teh exact same guide as me). The system recognizes the games, and i've downloaded cover art, when i pre-select a game, I even hear the sounds associated with the game, i.e. Mario Party 8, Sonic and Mario at the olympic games, but when i choose to load the game, i get a black screen. then i have to hold down the power button for a few secs and then the system reboots. Regular games still play fine. The only thing i am flagging is a get a bios-like screen before it loads, (cant rememebr where in the process exactly, but if neccesary to diagnose, i can repliucate and tel lthe exact spot) I see about 10 lines of text flash fast, the first few lines said somethign about loading IOS 236 failed! loading IOS36, then the rest of the text goes super fast, then i believe it loads the menu which shows all my games. Then when i select a game, and begin it, this is when i get the black screen of nothingness.

Any thoughts?