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Thread: Brick Prevention: How not to fail

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    Brick Prevention: How not to fail

    These are the main methods of unbricking your Wii, and the explanations of how they are installed and used. For safety reasons, it's recommended that you stay below the latest firmware unless you're sure of what you're doing..
    Installation = Requirements to install.
    Requires = Requirements to run.
    Possible Improvements = How it could be better.

    This is a WIP.

    Installation: Requires exploit to run .dol.
    Requires: boot2 + SD card slot

    Autoboot modchip (DriveKey2.0/WasabiDX)
    Installation: Requires a hardmod.
    Requires: boot2 + Disc Update + DVD Drive
    Possible Improvements: Could autoboot from SD to reinstall WADs instead of relying on an available update.

    Installation: ES_DIVerify + NAND Perms
    Requires: boot2 + SysMenu + SD card slot/USB drive

    Installation: ES_DIVerify + NAND Perms.
    Requires: boot2 + SysMenu + Disc Update/SD card slot/USB drive

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