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Thread: USB Loader GX: Exception (DSI) Occured...

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    USB Loader GX: Exception (DSI) Occured...

    Ok, now I understand this is a common problem purely regarding downloading png files from USB Loader for certain games but this has nothing to do with it.

    I have two partitions on my HDD, one WBFS and one FAT32. I use the WBFS software to load ISOs onto my Wii as does anyone, no problems along with adding forwarders to the channel screen. Again, no problems. But as soon as I place ONE file onto my FAT32 partition, I can never go into USB Loader GX without having the error in the title and I can't figure out why. It doesn't matter if it was Triiforce files, Wiiware, Snes roms soon as I put anything on it, I can no longer get into USB loader in any way.

    Yet regarding my ISOs on my WBFS partition, they are all fine as they load flawlessly through their channels on the system menu that I installed with WAD manager.

    Is there anyone who knows what's going on?

    Also I have noticed that this only happens if I remove the SD, does my SD card have to remain in the Wii at all times?

    Thanks in advance and this is probably something really obvious to a lot of you but I'm a noob. *sad face*
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    the same is happening to me..

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    I got problem like that to...its starts out blank. I push home button an pick the drive, then gives me that error. (if I start usb loader with usb hard drive, then turn it on when its looking for usb, it works fine and all have 8gb flash drive that works fine) anyone know whats up?

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