alright so what happened was a few months ago I had my wii perfect. the rockband dlc was all there and i could get whatever i pleased.

i found rawksd and thought it sounded very promising. well i installed it and now the dlc doesnt work at all. i was willing to do some work for the customs but now i just want the whole thing off my wii, but i cant get rawksd to undid whatever it did.

so now all that happens is i go into rockband and check the store and try to buy any song and it tells me insufficient wii points. i have 1800 wii points; i just installed cIOS Corp thinking it would solve something but it didnt. I've tried to install different IOS and cIOS files in hopes of overriding whatever rawksd did. After all that im ready to just give up.

I've seen that some say it matters that i use a hard drive to load the game? i don't know what to believe. I run my games off a 300gb hd with configurable USB loader on wii system menu 4.2

has anyone run into this problem and found a way to fix it? my ultimate goal is to just be able to install the rockband dlc wads and just download them from the store how i used to have it. i really regret installing rawksd...