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Thread: tatsunoko vs capcom CONTROL HELP

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    tatsunoko vs capcom CONTROL HELP


    I am stuck scratching my head trying to figure out how the hell you call your partner out on this game I have tried pressing each button on it's own and each possible combination of buttons and nothing seems to get the lazy sod off the bench and into the fight!

    Can anyone tell me how it's done please? i am using the regular Wii remote without the nunchuck.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    im not sure but it might be the "b" button. They come out for me for a brief moment-do a move-then go back to the bench. I believe I hit the B button though

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    Tried that and Nada.... He doesn't come out till my first player is dead. It's annoying cos I'm sure it must be something quite simple

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    try this push b i think and back and they should switch

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    Away and Z, I use a joystick. Not sure about the Wii remote alone. A+B does Special, add a direction to do different types of special. Other then that, not a hard game to play. Though if anyone else finds a unique move pattern feel free to post it. Like doing light, mid and fierce punch/kick.

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    You hold down the back button and then push the B button. They should switch out. You can also do that at the beginning of a match to switch starter characters. I actually prefer using the wiimote on this instead of the GameCube controller.
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