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Thread: Full Wii Homebrew created independent System Menu

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    Question Full Wii Homebrew created independent System Menu

    I don't post much here, but i read tons. Couldn't most of the problems people have running homebrew be solved if someone created a full independent system menu/os to completely replace the one nintendo seems to keep updating. It could be updated independently too to add features and compatibility by the creator/s and there wouldn't ever be a need for it to contact nintendo unless explicitly commanded to do so. Basically, with so much already known about the inner workings of a wii by the community. I just wonder why this hasn't been done already. This post may be totally naive, but I just was wondering what people's thoughts were on why this would or would not be possible, or desired by homebrew users. I mean the possibilities are endless once the complete control of it is implemented. Anyway, it's just talk and I in no way am capable of undertaking a project of that kind of magnitude whatsoever. So, does something like this already exist? Would you want it to? Can it exist? Why or why not?
    This could actually help nintendo in that they will have created the most hackable console ever, making it very desirable to some.
    I hope I haven't broken any rules with this post. I love this place. I just thought this would be an interesting topic.

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    Um, have you ever heard of the "Homebrew Channel" and "Boot Mii". Furthermore, there are apps that can update your Wii without going through Nintendo...Google it! The reason why no one is attempting to create an independent OS is because Nintendo can easily combat this by making their games specifically playable only on their approved OS. With the tools that I have mentioned, why would anybody want to create an indy OS? Isn't the homebrew channel and the intructions from this website not good enough?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wii-diy View Post
    Nintendo can easily combat this by making their games specifically playable only on their approved OS.
    No they can't.

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    @wii-diy: you're missing the point. I have boot mii installed as boot2 right now installed via the homebrew channel. Have you heard of fake signing? If everyone thought everything was good enough the way it was all homebrew development would stop cold. I'm not talking about a custom channel. I'm talking about a full OS. Why does anyone create any homebrew? The answer is see if it can be accomplished.

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    Well it has sort of been done in the form of USB loader GX. It can load all your backup games, it can load homebrew and can also load disks. There are also many great themes. I have Priiloader installed on my Wii and have it set to autoboot USB loader GX and I love it


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