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Thread: Drive doesn't spin up when disc is inserted

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    Drive doesn't spin up when disc is inserted

    Yesterday I followed the Preloader/Priiloader Brick Fix guide and was able to unbrick my Wii and everything worked fine. I played several games and watched a couple movies through Netflix on the Wii. Today when I got home from school and turned on the Wii the disc channel appeared to have no disc inserted. I ejected the disc and reinserted it and it's not spinning up when any disc is placed into it. I have no idea what could be wrong.

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    Sorry for replying to myself, but for some reason I can't edit my post. I installed neogamma and I'm able to launch games through that both backups and original discs so nothing appears to be wrong with the drive physically.

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    did you ever figure out what was wrong i have a wii with same issue


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