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Thread: Sakura Wars 5

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    Sakura Wars 5

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and just softmodded my wii 2 days ago. Thank you all for the Great Guide, thanks to your guide I was able to get everything done on my first try.

    The main reason I'm posting is that like 99.99% of the newcomers, I have a problem with a recently released game.

    I recently got the ISO for Sakura Wars: So Long My Love PAL and tried running it off of USB Loader GX R866, and tried experimented with every combination of settings: Force NTSC, console default, error 002 fix, etc. but none of them worked.

    They always gave me a loading... loading... loading screen and then suddenly turn into a black page with error blah blah blah on it. (No numbers after the error)

    I also tried extracting the IOS, but the ISO I have for some reason gets rejected by IOS Patcher. So I was wondering if anybody here have any other recommendation to a fix.

    Oh, almost forgot, I have a wii 4.2 NTSC

    Thank You in Advance

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    I think I figured out the problem myself. The ISO I got only had 3.50 GIGs, while its supposed to have 6.5~Gigs. I'm going to guess that the guy only ripped the first layer of the game

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    Got the same problem..............loading loading loading.........error, any ideas guys?

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    ive been hearing that the torrent was bad (not complete-game not fully downloaded)-wait for repack and then redownload and retry

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    downloaded the new bigger file and did same thing but got it working my using ios mload222 instead of 249

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    Hi, i've download the DVD9 ver and burn it to dual layer dvdr, using cios38 r14 neogamma 7, still having the same black screen error, if i buy a original copy ,wll i stall hav the same problem?

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    If you buy (like you should) the original copy it'll work because if it didnt then that would be fail.

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    Mine is eternity

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    Despite the trepidation many players seemed to have because So Long, My Love was completely separate from previous titles, in general, they were satisfied with the game. The characters were great, and even though they weren’t very likeable at first (either due to their first impression or simply because of pre-existing biases), they grew to like them over the course of the game. This held true for Shinjirou as well, whose character growth was something players greatly enjoyed. And then, there were those who felt that the current characters didn’t hold a candle to the original cast.

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    The answer has to lie in the IOS used to load the game. I always used IOS 249 for all my games and they worked perfectly, except for this big mofo of a game. So after reading slagheap's post of using IOS 222 instead I was like "Les do dis." I'm glad I did : )

    In retrospect, this knowledge may have been obvious but I am a noob and things come to me slowly.

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