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Thread: Using Wii Channel with version 2.0

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    Using Wii Channel with version 2.0

    Once you have updated to version 2.0 you can now rip your game discs. For some the Wii Channel has stopped functioning. A good solution is to set Autoboot to CFG. I have done this and it works a treat. Here is the reason behind it.

    Posted by YooperDave at Wode jukebox

    About loading wodemenu through the Homebrew Channel
    by The Mods

    For the wodemenu to load up properly, it needs to communicate with the WODE. To communicate with the WODE, an .iso needs to be loaded via the WODE. It doesn't matter what .iso, any .iso will do. In the past, Gamecube .iso's would not work, it would return a region mismatch error. Hence, a "Wii Channel" option was created on the WODE. This was to provide communications between the WODE and wodemenu in lieu of mounting an .iso. With WODE firmware 2.0, the Gamecube issue has been fixed and the "Wii Channel" has broken for some people.

    Hence, to load your wodemenu now, load any .iso in your WODE, then start wodemenu. This includes the built-in Gamecube CFG iso.

    Therefore, to do all of this while sitting on the couch, you can set your WODE Autoboot setting to Autoboot : CFG. When the Wii starts, don't run the Gamecube menu in the Disk Channel, but rather run the wodemenu from the Homebrew Channel.

    In theory, since any running .iso will provide proper communication between the WODE and wodemenu, you should be able to get away with Autoboot : LAST.

    Once the wodemenu is running, you will be able to pick any .iso, click Start, and the .iso that was mounted will be ejected, and the selected .iso will be mounted.
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    i figured this out, but its nice to know why it works
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