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Thread: BootMii now longer boots (boot2 related)

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    Question BootMii now longer boots (boot2 related)

    I just softmodded my Wii as a sign of rebellion because Nintendo refuses to fix my Wii so it can play my own copy of Brawl.

    I followed Messie's 4.2 Softmod Guide (I'm on 4.2u) and the homebrew channel that was installed during the process wanted to update, so I watched the download bar until it reached 100% then it went into bootmii v0.6, I uninstalled both dvdx and Homebrew channel then reinstalled them. But now when I start my Wii bootmii doesn't boot before the normal Wii dislaimer.

    Since my Wii is the first model to be released in Australia, I was able to install Bootmii to boot2. But now i am unsure how to fix this? Should I download the bootmii installer from the website and reinstall bootmii to boot2?

    Also since bootmii can be installed to boot2 does that mean I don't need to install priiloader?

    I have a NAND backup as soon as I completed step A in Nessies guide.

    I would like to thank Wiihacks for their help and I hope to help other Newbies soon.
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    You need bootmii on your sd card for it to boot to bootmii (if your disk light flashes twices real fast at start up that then it is installed).
    Priiloader is still recommended cause to can set it to block updates along with a couple other useful hacks.
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    Well it is still installed, ill figure out why its not loading from the card after putting on Priiloader. Thank you very much.

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    do you have the bootmii folder on the root of your sd

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