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Thread: cIOSCorp won't install

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    cIOSCorp won't install

    Yes, I am a noob to Wii homebrew and backup loading.

    I used the cIOSCorp installer to (hopefully) install cIOSCorp. I used the installer you get when you email the address they give you.

    I don't think you need to supply any cIOS's, it comes with a folder with a lot of them in it. I loaded everything onto my SD card like I should, went to HBC and launched the installer, all it did was give me a black screen.

    Rebooted wii, reran the installer and it opened. Every cIOS errored though =(

    I am getting Error -1029 for all except cIOS 53, 55, 56, 60, and 70, which return Error -2013. Can somebody tell me what to do to fix these errors, and explain thoroughly how to do so? Thank you so much

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    Cioscorp is fail. Don't mess with it unless you want a brick down the road

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    Aaalright then, what's the best thing I can use to launch a backup then, preferably as a channel?

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    Have u read anything on this site? Follow one of the guides linked below.

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    read this and see if you still want to load through channel

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    Or install a neogamma forwarded.

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    Finally got neogamma installed. Had to delete IOS249 and recontinue from step 5 in the 4.2 guide, skipping step 6 because I've done that already.

    Error 1053 in neogamma >_>. I think the iso is bad for my game that I burned... if the iso is good, will I be able to explore it with winrar? It gave me an unexpected end of archive. Nero said it wasn't a valid nero disk image. CloneCD burned it, though, without an issue.

    And thank you very much for the help so far. I kinda jumped into all of this as a last minute decision and I haven't read much about it, so I am kinda learning as I go along. Homebrew on this is amazing though, same for the DS.


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