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Thread: "A noob with lube" homebrew Catch up + Guitar.hero.5 Pal hell

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    Smile "A noob with lube" homebrew Catch up + Guitar.hero.5 Pal hell

    hay everyone ,its sure has been a while scince i was last here and a lot has happend in the wii world,
    so i would know a cople of things "i have googled + searched this site so im not asking to be spoon feed the info just advised in ther right dir" first of all i have just got guitar hero 5 and figered out how to get it working on usb loader im running on 3.2 pal and it is a pal console, so then i thought wouldnt it be good if a could get all the DLC songs for free ,so a quick google would tell me that yes i can have free songs
    so i go ahead and download the wii-oneup wad with the iso56 r14 thing and installed them all ok next i downloaded a song for gh5 in pal and installed the song wad then the title wad then opeded up guitar hero 5 and went to arcive but there was no song's... so i uninstalled the wads and reinstalled them but still no go "WHY" i cried then i thought maybe just maybe it would have something to do with the fact that i dont have the internet therefore dont have wii shop channel nor have a ever bought anything ever though the shop channel..

    so do you think my DLC songs are not working because i havent ever use the shop channel or dose that not matter ???
    sorry for this i know i could find the answer out there but i just dont have the time anymore "working 6 1/2 days a week ATM"

    thanks in advance

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    know one can help?

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    Cool Fixed

    well i've fixed it ,it was the shop channel , i had to take my wii to a mates place and update the shop channel and iso61 i think
    then i enterd the shop channel then exited then opened up usbloader gx ran guitar hero 5 and woohooo the songs i installed are there
    thanks for this alsome fourm

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    any good place's for pal DLC the DLC links page is down ??????

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