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Thread: sata hard drive compatibilty

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    sata hard drive compatibilty

    Got my sundriver and installed. Just have red led. I can open the hard drive in windows and view contents but can't get computer to recognize sundriver. Wondering if my hard drive is incompatible. I seem to remember seeing a list of recommended drives somewhere but can't find it. I have a Fujitsu MHT2060BH.
    Sorry if this is noob stuff.

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    Please try harder when you search,that took me about 30 seconds.

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    was using wrong search terms. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ffopk View Post
    was using wrong search terms. thanks
    I had this thread handy have a look...

    How to get the most out of the search function.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    well crap. should have known a free drive for my sundriver was too good to be true. Oh well at least I know what the problem is. thanks again mate

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    nice link. thanks much Krank. this will be very handy


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