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Thread: wode direct ripping to HDD !!!

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    Thumbs up wode direct ripping to HDD !!!

    After 2 months of hardcore programming, the WODE team have delivered version
    2.00 firmware.
    This firmware update allows you to rip original games directly to your

    The software can rip to 3 different file Systems


    Ripping is really easy, but there are a couple of options that speed up the
    process if you have heaps of originals to backup.

    1. Fat32 ripping is about 5 times faster than NTFS! If you have a blank
    hardrive, we reccomend formatting the harddrive to Fat32.
    If you have a windows machine, you cannot format a big harddrive in FAT32
    without a special program, we have hosted a free application Fat32 format --

    Just open the application, make sure the drive letter is correct, and click
    "Quick Format".

    2. There are 2 file formats you can rip to. These are ISO and WBFS. An iso
    is always 4.4gb for a Wii game, and double that for a Dual layer game (there
    aren't many Dual Layer games). A WBFS game is just the size of the actual
    game, there there no "padding" on the file. So this is the best option to
    choose and you can save about to 90% in space with certain small games.

    3. There are then 3 options to choose after that "Rip All", "Rip no Update",
    "Rip Game only". We recommend using the "Rip No Update" option. If you have
    the original game and it appears on your disc channel and it
    means you already have the update on your Wii! So there is no point in
    ripping the Wii udpates with the game as they are not 150mb in size on newer

    WWW.WODEJUKEBOX.ORG • View topic - Wode V2.00 Firmware Update
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    Wode Disk Ripping

    Wode Disk Ripping

    This document describes Wode disk ripping

    FAT Partitions
    A game image can be split into chunks of 4 GB and placed in the same
    directory, Wode will find these chunks (a maximum of 10) if they are
    named correctly i.e.
    game.iso -- first part
    game.is1 -- second part
    game.is2 -- third part
    game.wbfs -- first part
    game.wbf1 -- second part
    game.wbf2 -- third part

    These chunks can be used directly or joined together into a single file
    on another partition (NTFS for example)

    Ripping Targets
    Wode supports ripping to FAT, NTFS and EXT3FS formatted partitions.
    Wode expects to find a directory called 'iso' on the destination
    partition, if it does not exist then it will be created. Wode creates a
    subdirectory in the 'iso' directory and places all the output files in the

    The structure & naming convention for the subdirectory and game
    files is:
    A typical rip of the game “Donkey Kong Jungle Beat” would look like
    When ripping to EXT3FS and NTFS, whole .iso & .wbfs files will be
    created as single files.

    BCA data will be ripped from every Wii game disk and written to the
    same subdirectory with the same filename and a .bca file extension.
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