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Thread: Some back up problems..

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    Some back up problems..

    Hey guys. I just got a d2pro9 installed with a wii clip from a guy locally. He showed me it playing a back up and it worked fine, etc.

    I backed up about 4-5 games. I got the new Star Wars game to work. The newer Dragon Ball Z game loads the startup screen in the wii menu but then just freezes to a black screen after that. The other ones just simply don't do anything. If I have them inside the drive it's like my wii is semi-bricked and I can't open the wii settings or homebrew channel. So I redid one of the copies by using WIU to patch the region to NTSC and burning at 4x instead of auto. It still didn't work. I got the files from a legit source and I'm using good dvd+rs (Taiyo Yuden). Should I be using dvd-rs? I have a new LG burner I got 2 weeks ago. Some games are .pal but most are ntsc. Any ideas? Let me know!

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    Did you update your wii from a game that was not the same region as your Wii? if you did then you may have semi-bricked it, siince you are saying thast you are not able to get to the Wii settings menu.

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    double channels is also a quick way of checking if you updated from a different region game

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    Here's my other thread...

    I just made sure to get an NTSC game and it worked. I think it's safe to say that it was a regional issue. Burning at 4x with img burn.


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