i had no probs installing hbc on my wii 4.2e with homebrew browser, so my mate asked me to install the files on his wii-same 4.2e pal region-so i bought him a nice sandisk sdcard 2mb and installed the hackpack and browser to card.
took it to his and installed hbc,dvdx,and bootmi and browser-straight away he was all for installing quake,but on trying to download an error came up saying not enough space??!! its a 2g card for gods sake, so we formatted it started again and this time i noticed on installing the hb browser it said unzipping icons press b to cancel but you are advised not to-or words to that effect.

i dont recall waiting for my browser to install all that on mine-it was all over in 20seconds-we was waiting for 5mins. any ideas what has caused this hog of memory-its got us mighty confuzzled.