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Thread: Running VC/Wiiware With SNEEK

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    Lightbulb Running VC/Wiiware With SNEEK

    Ohhh Yeah Its back sweetie!!!!!

    [Artwork by Robgee]

    [You will Need]

    SNEEK=SD Card..Best results are with non-SDHC cards..Formatted to FAT32.
    UNEEK=USB(Still needs SD to boot) Formatted to FAT32(32KB clusters)....
    [Bootmii installed as Boot2 or IOS]

    [SNEEK/UNEEK is picky if it doesn't work try Different SD,HDD,Flash Drive etc]

    [SPOILER="Creating a NAND backup for SNEEK/UNEEK"]Creating a NAND backup for SNEEK or UNEEK
    Before you can use SNEEK/UNEEK you will need a NAND Backup.Two ways of getting it:

    1.Use Bootmii and do a Nand Back Up ....then use Showmiiwads to extract the nand(shown below)

    2.Use the FSDumper...rename the .dol to boot.dol put it in apps folder on your SD and launch via homebrew channel make sure you have 600 mb free on sd....(Takes 20min+)

    Needed Application:
    Showmiiwads 1.4.rar

    1.Move the NAND back up from the SD(if you just made it) to your Computer..

    2.Start ShowMiiWads Allow Internet Access...Go to Tools and select create COMMON-KEY it will tell you so type "45e"

    3.Then Under Tools select Extract BootMii Dump.

    4.Find where your bootmii dump is and select nand.bin

    5.Let the program do its work . Once its done a new folder called nand-extracteda will be at the same directory as the nand.bin. Copy all Folders inside this folder to the SD card root or USB root for UNEEK..
    They should be:

    • import
    • meta
    • Shared1
    • Shared2
    • sys
    • ticket
    • title
    • tmp

    If you used the FSDumper you would get the same folders.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="Using Sneek Installer To Get armboot & kernel.bin"]Using Sneek Installer To Get armboot & kernel.bin
    SneekInstaller v0.1b5
    Attachment 2960

    Make a New Folder.

    the the .exe

    In top right corner chose the type you want SNEEK(SD) or UNEEK(SD&USB)

    Select browse for SNEEK the folder you created then click on Get Files do the same for iOS files.....

    Then select your SD Install SNEEK...+ USB for UNEEK it will create

    • /bootmii/armboot.bin
    • /sneek/kernel.bin

    If you chose UNEEK you also get...

    • /sneek/kernel.bin

    On the USB device...[/SPOILER][SPOILER="File Structure For SNEEK/UNEEK:"]File Structure For SNEEK/UNEEK:

    You should now have on your sd
    • /bootmii/armboot.bin
    • /sneek/kernel.bin
    • import
    • meta
    • Shared1
    • Shared2
    • sys
    • ticket
    • title
    • tmp

    UNEEK(Faster Nand on USB)

    • /bootmii/armboot.bin
    • /sneek/kernel.bin


    • /sneek/kernel.bin
    • import
    • meta
    • Shared1
    • Shared2
    • sys
    • ticket
    • title
    • tmp

    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="Launching SNEEK/UNEEK"]3. Launching SNEEK

    Bootmii as boot2 just put the SD card In and power the wii it will boot automatically

    Bootmii as IOS launch it from HBC....(press home button on the wiimote and select bootmii)

    You can also use this forwarder:
    SNEEK Forwarder [/SPOILER][SPOILER="Adding VC/Wiiware To SNEEK/UNEEK"]4.Adding VC/Wiiware To SNEEK

    1. In Showmiiwads, go to the Options menu and select Change NAND Backup Path.

    2. Navigate to you SD/USB where the nand back up is and press OK.

    3. Click on the View tab and then select showmiinand. You should see a long list of everything that is in the nand backup listed.

    4. Click on the View menu and select showmiiwads.

    5. Click on the File menu and select Open Folder.Find the folder where you have your wad files located and press OK.

    7. Select the game you want to install in the list and right click on it and select Extract then To NAND. Now if you go to the ShowMiiNand view, you will see the game listed at the bottom of the list.

    You can right click on a game and select Delete to remove it.You can also delete the nintendo,weather,news and other channels you dont want so all you have left would be disc channel and your vc/wiiware....[/SPOILER][SPOILER="For More then 47 Channels use Gecko OS or Triiforce"]For More then 47 Channels use Gecko OS or Triiforce

    Load Gecko OS on SNEEK/UNEEK and you will be able to play the games that are on the nand but dont show up on the system menu

    Download:Gecko OS


    TriiForce..on sneek doesnt require cIOS so it has the same compatibility as SNEEK/UNEEK which is 100%


    1. Go to your SD/USB, which contains the
    NAND backup. Open the title folder.
    2. Open 00000001, then 00000002 and the Content. This is your installed system menu version.
    3. There should be one file staring with 1: There will always be a
    4. To remove preloader, simply remove the, then rename the to

    1. Download the iOS for the SM you will be using with NUSD, make sure you decrypt it and pack a .wad
    2. Download System Menu you want with NUSD, decrypt it and pack a .wad
    Also download these ios 9,12,15,17,21,22,28,33,34,35,36,37,38,53,55,56,(57 ,58)
    3. Create a New folder on desktop (name it "New NAND")
    4. Open ShowMiiWads
    5. Click on Options -> Change NAND backup path. Select the folder you just created.
    Click on View -> ShowMiiWads open the folder where SM.wad and your SM iOS.wad are.When they load up right click and select extract to Nand.In the folder you created you will have these folders
    • shared1
    • sys
    • ticket
    • title

    9. Copy your setting.txt & iplsave.bin from an actual dump to the /title/00000001/00000002/data folder that was created in your new folder.
    10.Copy your cert.sys & uid.sys from an actual dump to /sys/
    11. Copy the four folders: title,ticket,sys,shared1 to the root of whatever device you are going to be using to host your NAND.
    11. Launch SNEEK/UNEEK and it will be as if it is the first time you started your wii
    WILL give you a black screen for couple of minutes before it goes to first time set up.
    WILL give you a black screen for couple of minutes between the health screen and showing you the system menu.
    This is for the first time only. After that it should load fast.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="Changing Theme on SNEEK/UNEEK"]Changing Theme on Sneek
    You will need a .csm (mym converted to .csm how to do that THEME)
    2. On your emulated NAND, go to Title -> 00000001 -> 00000002 -> content.
    3. In this folder, you should see some .app files. Find the .app file that belongs to your system menu.
    Attachment 2678
    4.Rename the .csm according to your .app and put it in the content folder(overwrite the one that in there) should know have your theme.[/SPOILER][SPOILER="Homebrew Apps that Work with SNEEK/UNEEK"]
    Homebrew Apps that Work with SNEEK/UNEEK

    Multi-Mod Manager->MMM (One App that does it All)[/SPOILER][SPOILER="Creating Your Own Channels"]Creating Your Own Channels

    Guide:Easily Create Channels[/SPOILER][SPOILER="Errors"]Error:
    1 short flash : The TMD of the requested title is missing
    2 short flashes: The TMD of the IOS the current title uses is missing
    3 short flashes: The kernel.bin is not found on sd and or usb
    4 short flashes: Failed to load the requested IOS (missing IOS, missing TMD/Ticket/content)
    5 short flashes: "Could not open or read sd:/sneek/kernel.bin"

    If SNEEK doesn't autoboot and you have bootmii as boot2 use BootMii INI Maker.exe to make bootmii.ini and put it in the bootmii folder on your SD [/SPOILER][SPOILER="FAQ"]FAQ
    Sneek is basically just a way to lie to the PPC in the wii. the wii has 2 processors ARM and PPC. games, the system menu, channels, most homebrew, and pretty much every other program that accepts user input and draws on the screen run on the PPC. when these programs want information from the wii's internal memory, internet, dvd, sd card, or pretty much anywhere else, they have to ask the program running on the ARM (an IOS usually) for it (except when the wii is in gamecube mode).

    Sneek runs on the ARM and it redirects where information comes from and in some cases, patches that information with false data. the end result is that the program running on the PPC asks for data from the wii's nand and it gets it from the sd card instead. if the PPC wants data from the dvd drive, sneek can give it data from a usb drive instead. when the system menu asks how much space is used for channels, sneek flat out lies about it and gives a low number so the system menu doesnt give the "system memory is full" message.

    about cIOS and sneek, since IOS and sneek both run on the arm, there is a chance that they will not play nicely together. they are both trying to patch stuff and be smart, but they dont realize that each other is there and both are trying to be smart. the end result is that when sneek tries to load a cIOS, it doesnt load all of it and the parts of it that do load start doing their normal cIOS stuff and end up patching memory where sneek is and both of them end up not working right.[/QUOTE]

    If you have multiple partitions and the one for UNEEK is not first, set it to primary & active if it doesn't work make it as first partition and again primary & active.

    The speed issue for SD the less is on the card the faster it is. But certain cards seems to be fast even with alot of content installed

    What if i install more then 47 channels?

    They will be on the nand but they wont be shown on the System Menu.You can use any homebrew that loads channels on the emulated nand and you will bypass the 47 limit.(Triiforce or uLoader)

    Will this damage my real Nand?

    Once sneek is running, the wii basically uses your SD/USB card as the nand. It does not touch the real nand.

    When i use update in sneek will it overwrite boot2?
    It reports as boot2-v5 so won't be updated

    Can I use a nand dump from a different wii?

    Yes, Works.
    You may have to resync the wiimotes.

    What versions/regions of the System Menu work?
    All should work as long as you have a valid nand dump.

    I updated Sneek and the Shop channel is gone?
    Use NUSD download the channel and add it with showmiiwads.

    Why use SNEEK whats so great about it?

    Extra Space.....wii nand(512mb)

    Install and test your custom made channel(any channel) without worry of bricking...and easier to delete the corrupt channel.(wad)

    Install and test themes with changing one single file.

    You can toy with the Sneek Nand...delete titles & patch stuff... etc...without worry.

    Able to change System Menu when you feel like it.

    Learn about the wii........

    It is illegal to obtain/distribute backups of games you do not own.
    This guide, myself, and this site DO NOT SUPPORT OR PROMOTE SOFTWARE PIRACY. Play Fair
    No help will be given to individuals with questions relating to this. You have been warned!

    source and tools )...


    Robgee (Awesome Banner)

    Last edited by oddgriffin; 02-07-2012 at 09:50 PM. Reason: Improving ..adding new info....make it easier to understand and follow...i think i just about included everything to do with sneek/uneek

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    Hi, I'm having a little trouble running the Sneek_Installer.bat

    First I downloaded it and extracted it to an new folder
    I tried double clicking on it to run the file and a received the message:

    "Operation Aborted by User.
    Press any key to continue....."

    So I figured I'd right click on it an make sure to run it as an administrator
    Same error message

    So I thought maybe it was a bad .rar extraction/download. I then deleted re-downloaded and extracted the SNEEK Auto Installer again.

    This time I launched good old command prompt. Then I navigated to the extracted folder and typed: START Sneek_Installer.bat
    Once again same error message.

    Any ideas as to why I can't get this to work?

    EDIT: So I deiced to to check out SNEEK v2, the "official" thread on GBATemp and on page 47 there is a post by XFlax (Post #698) which sends you to a guide like this one, however, the SNEEK v2 Auto-Installer rev4 on his page worked for me. I even went as far to compare both the auto-installer .rar files side by side and could find no difference in content or structure.

    So long story short if anyone is getting a similar error I'd use the auto-installer found in XFlax's post on GBATemp. I'd post a link but I'm not sure If it is allowed by site rules.
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    nah the download works fine......does the makekeybin pop up when you click sneek_installer or just automatically says aborted by user....try clicking on makekeybin in the folder and generate then run sneek_installer

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    Very Nice Guide Cile!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nice one thanks for putting a thread about sneek here. Although I have mine installed and working followed another guide have to go through compiling the code.
    Just want to add my experience.
    1. My bootmii folder only include the armboot.bin.
    2. And also also user may encounter blinking blue light on the dvd drive. It was solved by changing sd cards. Yes, it's a bit choosy. But it fixed that issue.
    3. On using the showmiiwad program use the create common keys under the tools tab. It's handy as sometime it looks for a key.

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    @Cile, have you figured our running hbc install on sneek at 4.2u? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nestyplus View Post
    @Cile, have you figured our running hbc install on sneek at 4.2u? thanks
    You can have a fat partition on your hd and the hbc works fine.

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    Hey all,
    I got some questions about sneek. I heard that i can let my wii use a nand backup stored on my sd card. Now i got a serveral questions about that. I already got bootmii installed and i made a nand backup

    1. Do i need another clean SD card for SNEEK
    2. Can it damage my wii (bricks while apply sneek, installing wad's/cios and stuff on fake nand)
    3. I got 3.4 installed on the moment, can i update the Fake Nand to 4.0 or so and if my wii getting stuck i can remove the sd and everything should work again?

    Thanx for your time.


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    I understand the concept of this but what happens if I go messing with the IOSs? Does it affect the IOS as$ociated with SNEEK or with the system IOSs?

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    I don't know where else to put this...

    I have sneek v2 on my sd card, along with apps I use with my actual nand.

    sneek v2 boots using bootmii (I think) automatically if the sd card is inserted on startup, which is a real pain to eject and then reinsert after boot. Is there any way to configure it to have a more friendly way of entering sneek, like through a wad or maybe holding a button on a gamecube controller during boot? Sorry if this question is out of place, it's just something that has always been in the back of my mind.

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