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Thread: Are D2SUN reading this forum?

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    Are D2SUN reading this forum?

    I have posted several times, and PMed D2SUN directly, asking how to use homebrew with the SunDriver as this is advertised as a feature, and one of the reasons why I bought a SunDriver. None of my questions have been answered by D2SUN. Are they actually reading this forum?

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    I guess the lack of response answers the question one way or another - either D2Sun aren't reading, or don't care about this issue. Not impressed at all.

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    this is not a bitch thread
    SunDriver support homebrew roms
    homebrew emulators are up to you to read and learn if possiblre

    d2sun did not ever say they will show you do emulators and stuff
    just that Sundriver support HOMEBREW ROMS

    you have posted about your question in another thread..... so stick with that one

    this clutter thread is close
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