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Thread: Wind Waker PAL - Black screen after bootup

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    Wind Waker PAL - Black screen after bootup


    I've recently installed both a soft and hard mod (Wasabi DX) in my 4.2E Wii.

    I ran my WW DVD-R backup via the Wasabi DX, the gamecube channel would load OK with no errors, I start, then nothing, just a black screen. After the softmod I get the same issue.

    I've tried backing up twice to ensure my iso is clean but same issue. Burning to Verbatim 2x DVD-R. All my other GC backups work fine, but sods law, this is the only GC backup I want to play.

    Shall I just whip out the Wasabi to test as I'm now softmodded?
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    Sorted. Burnt the game to DVD+R.


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