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Thread: Nintendo Funding Gamestop's

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    Nintendo Funding Gamestop's

    Fewer companies accounting for increasing amount of specialty retailer's new product purchases; the "Big Three," EA, and Activision now make up 75 percent of chain's business.

    To fill its stores with new gaming software, hardware, and accessories, GameStop does business with roughly 75 companies worldwide. That number of business partners has remained steady for years, but the company has seen a dramatic shift in how much business it does with which partners.

    GameStop has done its part in keeping Nintendo's coffers full in recent years.

    In its annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission today, GameStop broke down some of the numbers on its vendor relationships, revealing that a single company, Nintendo, was responsible for 23 percent of the retailer's new product purchases for its fiscal 2009 (the year ended January 31, 2010). That's down from a peak of 25 percent the previous fiscal year.

    Additionally, the top five companies GameStop buys from--Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Activision, in that order--combined to account for 75 percent of its new product purchases during its fiscal 2009. Sony claimed 17 percent of the company's business for the year, with Microsoft and EA each grabbing 12 percent. Activision accounted for 11 percent of GameStop's product purchases, reaching double-digit percentages with the retailer for the first time.

    The top 10 companies GameStop does business with accounted for roughly 85 percent of its new product purchases in fiscal 2009. That's up from 80 percent in fiscal 2008 and fiscal 2007. In fiscal 2006, the retail chain's top 10 business partners only combined for 65 percent of its new product purchases, with Microsoft taking the single largest share with 14 percent.
    Source: Gamespot


    Nintendo has it MADE

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    This is just a guess, but since there were more Wii consoles sold than PS3 and 360 added together, and the huge amount of DS's out there, one would think that Nintendo rules the market. I wonder what would happen if the PS3 had the homebrew ability that the Wii has?


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