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Thread: wii homebrew channel concerns

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    wii homebrew channel concerns

    I have wii version 3.3 and i want to get the homebrew channel. First off, is it ok to use the micro sd card in an adapter to use the twilight hack? Also, what should i do when i have the homebrew channel installed and i want update to the latest wii firmware released like a 3.4 firmware or something? finally, is there a way to uninstall homebrew channel? Thanks smile.gif

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    yes micro will work fine aslong as its not sdhc or over 2gb. you can update as normal through the wifi or game disk as of now, i would recommand when a update comes out wait a few days and see what others have done and what has happned to there wii's coz nintendo might do somthing in the future, but nothing like brick your wii coz then you can sue the most they will do is delete HBC. to uninstall your HBC either just delete from the wii settings or format your wii.

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    thanks man


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